MYtxtBOX is the ultimate online messaging service that lets organisations, companies, societies and individuals communicate instantly with customers, members, groups and friends via bulk SMS text, Voice and Email messaging.

Our mission is to enable everyone take advantage of instant mobile and electronic messaging technology by removing the complexities related to the sending of many voice and SMS messages from a single mobile phone.

MYtxtBOX is designed to handle all sorts of messaging needs; from sending a single message to a friend, or inviting a few hundred contacts to a funeral / party, or informing over a thousand customers of your new stock, or alerting church members of new meeting times, to sending hundreds of thousands of public announcements

MYtxtBOX offers simplicity and an easy way of reaching large groups of people at competitive rates with a convenient mode of payment and privacy.

Professional Identity for your organisation
All SMS messages sent from MYtxtBOX are received with your organisation’s name as the Sender ID. Example; if your company’s name is Ghana Company Limited your messages could be received as coming from GhanaCoLtd

  • A better way of staying in touch with many
    By saving the contact details of all the different people in your organisation such as staff, members, customers, patrons, etc. you can choose to send messages to as many or as few people as possible.
  • Online and Mobile Messaging
    Once your contacts are saved on your account you can send messages by either going online or simply using your registered mobile phone to send a messaging instruction to the system.
  • Cutting Costs, Saving Time
    Traditional messaging modes such as letters, TV/print/radio announcements can be considerably reduced to save time and money. Records of all messages are kept so it’s easy to track who has received their message and who hasn’t.
  • Helping Organisations
    Mobile and electronic messaging (via SMS, Voice and Email) is cost-effective. You pay per each recipient.

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Become a Reseller
Become a Reseller
EARN attractive commissions reselling SMSGH products and services to your customers... Up to 25% on every sale.

Get documented help integrating your technology with ours. SMS-enable any application with the SMSGH Unity Gateway APIs via HTTP, SMPP and more.

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